Accelerate Internet of Things and BigData investments 

We are giving our world a digital nervous system. Location data using GPS sensors. Eyes and ears using cameras and microphones, along with sensory organs that can measure everything from temperature to pressure changes. These networked inputs can then be combined into bi-directional systems that integrate data, people, processes and systems for better decision making and agile production. “Making Germany a prime location for Manufacturing” - Industrie 4.0 will lead into a reversal of the production process where “The material defines what it wants to become”. 


We deliver an Internet of Things and Industry 4.0  solution made for the industrial shop floor managing all communication and security requirements.



24/7 service and support will keep your production running even in the event of unforeseen glitches.


Any customization and legacy integration will be made by plugins individual configured to our clients specific needs and requirements.


We love what we do

We are industrial specialists, for manufacturing and shop floor IT. Consequently we concentrate on best efficiencies and reduced plant and process down time.

Manufacturing will increasingly become a part of larger networked “horizontal” systems. We want our clients to become Industrie 4.0 manufacturing leaders by creating new types of smart applications and services.